Royal Wedding Spy!

Observations about Kate and Will leading up to April 29th!

The Royal Wedding Spy held her April royal movie watching dinner with friends this past weekend. The movie was Roman Holiday. It was inspired by an American journalist and an Italian city. So the meal had an Italian American theme! It was a bittersweet dinner - since it’s our last before heading over for the big day! (Photo credit: Michael Krichmar)

I told you time and again, she got all that stuff discount.
You think those kings and queens buy retail?

—Woody Allen’s character Ray in Small Time Crooks persuading his wife not to be impressed by Princess Diana’s wardrobe.

Wedding wine glasses, gloves and hearts and rings!

Today has been a lovely day in the annals of Royal Wedding swag: First curbed had this delicious link to a story about royal wedding souvenirs: wine glasses, t-shirts, plates. The list and photos go on and are not to be missed.

Then in the ranks of great successes: Nobel Prizes, Oscars, Lottery wins, Kate Middleton has scored an even more prestigious title: Haribo is designing a gummy candy in her honor. Apparently Miss Middleton likes Starmix and Tangfastics so much that Haribo designed royal candy called Hearts & Rings. This is candy I have to pick up when I’m in the UK

How the British Press Is Prepping for the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding Spy’s friends on the 6th floor are also getting excited about the upcoming royal festivities. Their new blog features an interview with Julie Etchingham, co-producer of ITV News, who has interviewed the lovely princes and has been preparing for their upcoming coverage.

The Royal Wedding Spy keeps wondering how could Kanye West make the guest list by not Aunt Sarah (a k a Fergie)? Inquiring Royal Wedding Spies want to know!

Read the full Q. and A. with Ms. Etchingham.

For our March royal wedding luncheon, the Royal Wedding Spy, her Prince Charming Tom and her friends Kathleen and Mike watched Marie Antoinette and had a feast honoring the Dauphin and Dauphine’s French and Austro-Hungarian roots. We didn’t forget about William and Catherine by starting with English cheeses! (Photos: Michael Krichmar)

The Prince and the Internet:

The Royal Wedding Spy is delighted that William and Cate launched today their royal wedding website. It’s delicious, absolutely delicious - with all of the details of the procession, service and reception laid out. Finally the royal family is heeding the appetite of the masses for royal wedding gossip!

And that was King and Queen whom?

Grandma Wales appears to be playing a major part in the guest list for the upcoming royal wedding. A Huffington Post article shows that the guest list includes far more kings and queens from around the world than princes and princesses. That’s going to create more memorization for Ms. Middleton keeping track of guests - will it be flash cards that she memorizes faces and names? Will it be a royal advisor whispering into her ear during the receiving line? Ms. Middleton has some homework to do in her final single days!

Crown of jewels? Crown of flowers? Discuss!

The delicious debates continue for the royal wedding spy as she pours over which next of kin has been chosen to join the bridal party? where to hold the royal bachelor bash? what do we do about inviting Fergie? This week my colleagues have been exploring the merits of a dowdy old crown of jewels or perhaps something more stylish!